PT TOP Sentral Transportama is one of the world's premier transportation groups. The first one of it's constituent companies was founded in 1994, we have set up branch office's in Semarang, Surabaya than has now more than 50 agent in overseas. We have welltrained, experienced and aggressive team works are ready to take care of your transportation needs



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PT. TOP Sentral Transportama  merasa puas dan terbantu dengan profesionalisme pekerjaan yang telah ditunjukkan oleh PT. TOP Sentral Transportama. Ini dikarenakan adanya komunikasi yang baik serta ditunjang oleh para tenaga ahli yang dimiliki
PT. TOP Sentral Transportama dalam mengerjakan aspek-aspek pekerjaan dalam lingkungan perusahaan kami.

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2 Polisi Tewas, Keterlibatan Jaringan Teroris Palu Masih Diselidiki
Pidato Lengkap SBY Soal SMS Fitnah
Aktivitas Gunung Dieng sedang naik status menjadi Siaga atau Level III
Ancaman Banjir Bandang Menjauh
Spanyol Vonis Perompak Somalia 439 Tahun
Hari Ini Peringatan 13 Tahun Tragedi Trisakti
Jaminan Pemeliharaan Kesehatan Jamsostek Bidik Eksekutif Perusahaan
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The services offered by PT. TOP Sentral Transportama is aligned to the markets on which it operates, and can be tailed to the need of the individual clients. Thanks to our state-of the art communication network, transportation information can be efficiently communicated through our global network.

TST can provide you with the most comprehensive sea-freight, air-freight forwarding and break bulk service. For both import and export, TST will keep closely in one team work with reliable overseas agent over the world with all the care required. Clients are supplied with all the information they need, at any time, extracted from the paperless electronic data flow.

TST offers comprehensive range of transportation products and a vast choice of scheduled and chartering service and licensed shipping agent, who has already emerged as potential new comer in the market. Innovative airfreight and sea freight services with unique transport solutions are at the core of TST strategy.

Thanks to its group wide network, TST is truly multinational, multicultural and globally interwoven company. It offers transport and logistic services from anywhere to everywhere under a single management umbrella. TST is big enough to do every job, but small enough to cater for the needs of each individual client.

With freight forwarders, size definitely has its advantages. Whether you are importing or exporting, it is vital to have access to a large, experienced and capable network that extends throughout the world.
TST has people and the systems in place to look after your cargo, around the world, around the clock.

Sincerely Yours,
Top Sentral Transportama

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